Thank you for using this open source free software Wikibrowse. This readme file contains last-minute informations and troubleshooting tips of Wikibrowse. For further troubleshooting and performance information please refer the help.



Wikibrowse is open source free software to access Wikipedia encyclopedia & all other related projects (such as Wikimedia projects.)

Wikimedia projects

  • Wikipedia - free encyclopedia.
  • Wikimedia - common media  repository for wikimedia    based projects.
  • Wikinews - open news center for Wikipedia project.
  • WikiSource - free open (under some terms of licenses) publication collection.
  • Wikibooks - open free e-books collection.
  • Wikispecies - collection of information about species(this option is very useful for scientific users).

Wikibrowse System Requirements

Minimum requirements

  1. Hardware requirements

    • 500MHz or high speed AMD/Intel microprocessor based computer.
    • 64MB RAM (random access memory).
    • 20MB of free hard disk space for installation.
    • Internet connectivity (Dialup/LAN/DSL or any acceptable)
    • Keyboard & some pointing device.

  2. Software requirements

    • Microsoft Windows 2000 (service pack 2) or new version (some features may disabled in Windows 2000 (service pack 1)/or Windows 2000.
    • Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or better version(DirectX 8.0 is also acceptable, but not checked).
Recommended system configurations
  1. Hardware configurations:

    • 800MHz or high speed AMD/Intel microprocessor based computer.
    • 128MB RAM (256MB of RAM is highly recommended)
    • 50MB of free hard disk space for installation.
    • Internet connectivity (Dialup/LAN/DSL or any acceptable)
    • Windows NT compatible sound adapter
    • Keyboard & some pointing device

  2. Software configurations:

    • Microsoft Windows 2000 (service pack 2) or new version (some features may disabled in Windows 2000 (service pack 1)/or Windows 2000.
    • Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or better version (DirectX 8.0 is also acceptable, but not checked).

Wikibrowse Know Technical Issues.

In Wikibrowse, some times user get "please insert disk into the removable drive X: \"(X is some removable disk drive on your computer) it comes when user tries to play some Audio/Video file.

This is a problem in ogg/speex codec system, in Wikibrowse. In most cases this is a problem related with the removable (USB) type drives. Disconnect the current drive from the computer to solve this problem or simply press Ignore button.

When accessing Wikibrowse some times (in most cases Wikisource section) user gets some Internet Explorer error messages, this problem occurs, because of the version incompatibility of Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Install latest version of Microsoft JVM to fix this problem.

If you have some technical problems while using Wikibrowse please contact,

If any one likes to join to the Wikibrowse development team please visit the Wikibrowse home page for more deatiles.

Wikibrowse system is still under construction so we encourage your bug reports & comments.

Wikibrowse Plugins

To extend the features of Wikibrowse & all its tools, Wikibrowse development team adds plugin features. To get the latest plugins for Wikibrowse visit WikiProject home page ( to get the file installation procedure refer Wikibrowse help.

Wikibrowse Installation

To install the Wikibrowse it is highly recommended to log in to your computer as an Administrator. Because at the installation phase wikibrowse installer perform some system level modifications. Because of that, at the limited user account installer produces some warning messages to you.

NOTE: if you are installing Wikibrowse in restricted mode, you need to manually install some of the system components deployed with Wikibrowse. (Such as Windows shell related components, Audio codes, etc…..).

It is highly recommended to install Wikibrowse in Administrative mode. If you are the system Administrator it is encourage you to install Wikibrowse on Administrator level And later change account type to restricted levels. (After the Installation).

In restricted accounts (user level) some of the Wikibrowse shell related components may not install properly (such as start menu based search options, context menu handlers etc…).to get more information about this, access Wikibrowse help or home page.

If you have any problems in installation procedure please contact Wikibrowse development team.

Wikibrowse Additional Utilities

Wikibrowse system is deployed with several additional utilities. Click "Special" button on Wikibrowse to get more deatiles. Wikibrowse utilities differ from version to version. To obtain the latest version of utilities visit Wikibrowse plugins pages.

Wikibrowse Mozilla Based Versions.

Wikibrowse is heavily dependent on Microsoft internet explorer. To avoid internet explorer version incompatibilities, Wikibrowse team also decide to release Mozilla version of Wikibrowse. Wikibrowse mozilla version is based on Adam lock’s Mozilla control, problem in this system is, Mozilla control limitations. So because of this reason some of the functionality in Wikibrowse is not work properly in Mozilla version of Wikibrowse. Current version of Wikibrowse – Mozilla version is based on Mozilla Activex 1.8 release.

Contribute To Wikibrowse Project.

If any body is interested about Wikibrowse software development ,documentation, deploying, please feel free to join Wikibrowse development team. To join the Wikibrowse team, visit the Wikibrowse home page at