WikiProject is still under development, every day its developers try to add new features, fix bugs and try to implement more plugins to it. We need outside assistance for these tasks.

Some of these tasks are:

Documentation To implement help systems and other required documents, (such as improvements of dynamic documentations, home page updates, etc)
Implementing Plugins To developed plugins for the WikiBrowse and WikiResearch.
Core Application Implementations To extend the scope of the WikiProject's applications. Such as adding and modify features of WikiProject systems.
Localization Later WikiProject releases are compatible with Unicode standards (hopefully) and we try to implement localization support for it. So we need some assistance to implement it.
We have a project to-do list, and we welcome anybody interested to work on one of these issues.
Some of the items are rather simple and can be implemented by single person. Other items are quite complex and development needs to be coordinated. So, if somebody wants to contribute, please drop us a note through our e-mail addresses or using developer's forum, so we know which issue is being worked out, and we can exchange ideas on the subject.
Anyone who has a lot of time to burn with core application implementations is greatly welcome.
We also appreciate your bug reports and feature requests. Drop your new ideas and requirements to WikiProject - Request section and send bug information to the "Bugs" section.
Note : When you are sending bug reports please send complete details (such as how it occurs, in what kind of situations, etc) and send software configuration details of your computer also ( such as Operating System Versions [with service pack details], Internet Explorer version (if you are using Mozilla version send version details of it's related browser ), short description about software installed in your computer, [specially system software] etc)