WikiProject is a collection of open source tools to manage media-wiki projects. WikiBrowse, WikiResearch and WikiSearch are currently available tools under the WikiProject. All these tools are bundled in to single installer and beta version of it, was available for download at WikiProject's download page, and also note that the WikiProject is FREE & contains NO Spyware.
What you get with WikiProject ?
  • Provide vast range of additional services to Wikipedia and other media-wikis.
  • It supports for organizing, projection and deploy your research data.
  • WikiProject support for common plugin format, so users can easily extend features of WikiProject by installing latest plugin kits.
  • Support for all the Wikimedia file formats such as ogg, mdi, png, speex, etc.
  • Directly embedded with Windows Operating System and provide quick & extreme user friendly access to Wikipedia encyclopedia and to other media-wikis
So, paying for commercial encyclopedia is thing of the past !, Access worlds largest encyclopedia systems using WikiBrowse and save your money and update your knowledge.
Before your begins
Read WikiProject Readme File
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Access the project documentation sections
Visit WikiProject news section to get the latest new about WikiProject
Do you like WikiProject ?
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