WikiProject maintain several forums to provide support for there end users, if you have some request / report to send to the WikiProject teams, send them to the suitable forum, listed below,
Reserved for general discussions, about WikiBrowse, WikiResearch and other related projects. This is a public forum and it opens to every one.
Reserved to provide / request some technical support about WikiProject ( or its components ). This is also a public forum and specially open for WikiProject users.
This is for WikiProject developers to share there problems and requirements. If anyone wants to join WikiProject developments, send your request to this forum, (please mention the section[s] you wish to contribute and your UNIX username)
This is reserved for bug reports. To send your bug reports please use this forum, do not send bug reports to the developers forum.
Use this list to request new WikiProject software features. When you are sending the request, please clearly mention the required feature and why you need it. (Benefits of proposed feature)
"WikiProject mailing list" is a best way to keep in touch with WikiProjects. When you subscribe you may receive latest update information, file release details, plugins and some useful tips about WikiProject.