Q : How can I send my modifications / updates to WikiBrowse team / to home page ?
A : There are two ways to send your updates to WikiResearch team. First send your modifications ( with clear documentation ) to WikiResearch administrator as an e-mail attachment, or if you are a sourceforge member, connect to the WikiResearch project and send your updates.
Q : What are the requirements to developed WikiBrowse / WikiResearch plugins ?
A : To developed WikiBrowse / WikiResearch plugins user needs to have Borland C++Builder 6 or Delphi 5 ( or newer versions ) with JEDI JCL 1.91 and JEDI JVCL 3.0. ( newer version of JEDI JCL / JVCL are not checked ).
Q : WikiBrowser produce java script errors during the navigation process. (Most probably with WikiSource section)
A : To fix this problem install latest version of Java Virtual Machine. To obtain an updated version of the JVM, go to http://www.microsoft.com/java and select the Downloads link.
Q : WikiBrowser may not respond (in limited amount of time) during the navigation process
A : This problem occurs due to highest internal thread priority levels, to reduce the internal thread priority levels go to WikiBrowser / WikiResearcher options and click "advance" tab, and set the performance level to "normal" or "lower" position.
Q : Is it possible to install WikiResearch on restricted user account ?
A : WikiResearch installer is designed to worked with restricted user accounts also, but in the restricted mode, some of the windows shell based features are not installed properly. ( such as WikiSearch options, Windows Explorer support utilities, etc.) It is not recommended to install WikiBrowse on restricted user accounts. ( to get more information referee WikiResearch readme files )
Q : What are the license types used in WikiResearch ?
A : WikiResearch is a collection of binaries, documents and multimedia contents. All the binary files ( except ogg codecs ) and multimedia contents are distribute under the terms of GNU General Public License. All the documents ( including home page ) are protected with terms of GNU Free Documentation License. Ogg codecs are collection of 3rd party binaries, and they are distribute with there own license ( license files are bundled with installer )
Q : Instead of using Internet Explorer it is possible to use Mozilla ActiveX with WikiBrowse ?
A : WikiResearch team is also interest about this. But the problem is progress and features of Mozilla ActiveX project is some what poor ( at this stage ). WikiResearch team try to release Mozilla version of WikiBrowse as soon as possible, but the problem is some of the major features of WikiBrowse is disabled / not worked in Mozilla version of WikiBrowse. Adam Lock also released Mozilla ActiveX patch tool to convert IE ActiveX applications to Mozilla ActiveX application, so any one can convert WikiBrowser from IE to Mozilla by using that tool.